Hi and welcome to my website! I’m a traditionally trained oil painter that discovered a love of watercolors just a few years back. In June 2022 I left my 11 year digital career to focus on my love of painting, and to put the skills I’ve used for the past decade to help other businesses thrive toward a purpose I am more passionate about – helping the full time resident artists and makers of this little valley thrive.

I grew up on the East Coast and moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 2013 to snowboard, and quickly realized I never wanted to leave. I am lucky to have called this place home since then. The mountains and rivers sparked a spiritual journey that quite frankly, saved my life. As a world renown resort town, it has it’s own set of struggles, and over the years I have seen many of the long time residents, especially service workers that keep the tourism industry running out here, priced out of their homes, and pushed further and further down valley. I thought the least I could do was provide a technology solution to help those folks earn a bit of residual income through their passion projects and side hustle. Everything you see on this site is made by me, provided to locals for free.

I don’t take a cut, I provide my time and services free of charge, with the simple purpose of supporting this special community. My hope is that through shared audiences, integrity, and purpose, we might support one another and find some success.

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