“Happy Campers” Greeting Card


4.5″ x 6.25″ Greeting Card features the painting “Happy Campers”, by Roaring Fork Valley artist, MFK.

Blank inside.
Includes a bright indigo envelope.

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The original art for this print was a 30”x 48” oil painting on canvas, and is one of the few pieces I have created without a reference photo of a specific geographic place. Instead, I wanted to capture a different kind of “place”, one you don’t need a map to find, and one that is imprinted on my soul – sitting around a campfire with your people, the ones I like to call Chosen Family.

In their presence, you can simply be. Moments of silence and stillness may stretch on with comfort. No entertainment is needed beyond the good company, and the land holding you (although tasty snacks are always a win!) Enjoying a campfire with my “wolfpack” is one of my favorite and most cherised pastimes.

This painting is meant to capture the magic energy and connectedness found when sharing space with these special people, whose presence fills your cup, recharges the soul, and makes every experience more vibrant. Featured here are some of my favorite humans, doing what we love best.