Hi, I’m Maria ~ Local artist, professional designer, and fierce lover of the outdoors. Thank you for checking out my small business! 82 Local was born out of my passion for art and love of my local community. This valley is a magical place of natural majesty that inspires the tribe of talented artists, makers, and professionals that call this place home. However, it is also a destination town with seemingly endless reach, where it is often the norm to outsource. These past two years I’ve seen some of my favorite local businesses fight to survive, and friends working 3+ jobs just to stay afloat. That is why I created 82 Local. My mission is to meet local demand with local offerings, from products to professional services.

This initial launch features artwork and gemstone creations from yours truly, and small-batch hand-poured vegan soy candles from a maker in Redstone, Colorado. There is a lot of work still happening in the background to make this site available as a medium for other 82 local full-time residents.

I do not, and will not, charge other locals to leverage this site in any way.

I do not ask for subscription fees to post products/offerings, nor do I take a % of any sales. The sole intention of 82 Local is to grow a collective 82 local artists, makers and professionals, that thrive through sharing ideas and audiences.

To control the quality and integrity of 82 Local offerings, this site will be never be open source.

The products on this site are personally curated for quality and ethics, and the upcoming professionals to be listed are folks who’s integrity and work ethic I can personally attest to. The candles for example, are candles that I have been burning in my own home since I discovered that maker a year ago.

All orders are managed by the Individual makers.

Although 82 Local manages and curates this space, please be cognizant that every item is self-fulfilled by the maker. I work with locals to ensure reliable shipping times and packaging, but ultimately this comes downs to the makers. Please remember we are all individuals, not big businesses, and be kind. After all, the odds are good that you will see us in the grocery store at one point or another! If you are interested in listing on this site, please fill out the contact form here.

What’s Next

Expect to see new prints available in the next month, new makers added to the site in late fall / early winter, and in the mean time enjoy our continuously growing collection of gemstone jewelry and delicious candle scents! We’re just getting started, so stay tuned!