*PREORDER* “Magical Maroon Bells” Canvas Print with Wood Wall Hanger


The canvas is approximated 17″ wide and 21″ tall. Please allow for up to .5″ in width/height variation as each canvas is hand-cut. The wooden wall hanger is 16″ wide. The size of the actual printed artwork is 16.5″ wide with a .125-.5″ left/right white border, and 16.5″ tall with approximately a 2.125-2.5″ top/bottom border to accommodate the hanger overlap. Canvases can be easily trimmed with a utility or exact knife if you want to remove the white borders.

**THIS IS A PRE-ORDER** All canvas print orders will ship in mid-November. You will receive a shipment notification with tracking when the orders ship.

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Artist Statement

The original art for this print was a 48″x48″ oil painting on canvas, and is my attempt to capture the sacred energy and spectacular beauty that eyes cannot perceive, but is felt in the soul. On the shores of Maroon Lake, you sense the sacredness of this special place, and connect to the spirit and awe of all who have stood there before you. This painting was filling my cup with gratitude and wonder until it overflowed onto the canvas. It is my ecstatic bliss for the gift of existing in the presence of these glorious mountains. Wile creating this piece, I often held in my mind a psychedelic experience when the sunlight reflecting on Maroon Lake appeared to shimmer off the surface and rise into the sky like glittering rainbow prism diamonds.

During autumn, I like to ride my bike to the Bells with a pair of collapsible canvas shoes and a lunch packed. I rack my gear at the base and hike to Crater Lake where I eat and nap in the tall grass with the sunshine on my face. It’s a solitary mission made to honor and express my gratitude for this beautiful place I call home. It’s a way that I nourish my soul and say thank you for nature’s gifts. So too, is this painting.

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Printed with dyes on a cotton/poly blend canvas