*PREORDER* “West of Where the Sun Sets” Canvas Print with Wood Wall Hanger


The canvas is approximated 17″ wide and 26″ tall. Please allow for up to .5″ in width/height variation as each canvas is hand-cut. The wooden wall hanger is 16″ wide. The size of the actual printed artwork is 16.5″ wide with a .125-.5″ left/right white border, and 22″ tall with approximately a 2.125-2.5″ top/bottom border to accommodate the hanger overlap. Canvases can be easily trimmed with a utility or exact knife if you want to remove the white borders.

**THIS IS A PRE-ORDER** All canvas print orders will ship in mid-November. You will receive a shipment notification with tracking when the orders ship.

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Artist Statement

The original painting for this print was created using watercolor, ink, and genuine copper leaf. Originally inspired by brilliant sunsets across Utah’s landscape, this painting evolved into being about something much more. Like many pieces, I took a break from working on this midway through. It sat partially completed and tucked away for many months, until the sudden passing of my grandfather. We were very close, and in the midst of my grief, the rest of this painting poured out of me.

My grandfather was a bright light in my life, a safe haven, a trusted friend. I have never met anyone else that could fill a room with their humor, kindness, and personality the way that he could. This piece is a tribute to his beautiful shining spirit, and a wish for what comes next.

The title of this piece comes from the song “Where Rainbows Never Die” by the Steeldrivers. For me, death is the great mystery. I don’t claim any faithful beliefs about the afterlife, but I like to imagine that my grandparents are together in some technicolor place/space vibrating with love, west of where the sun sets, where rainbows never die.

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Printed with dyes on a cotton/poly blend canvas