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“Heed the Call” 22″x30″ Original Watercolor Painting with Gold Leaf, Framed


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Artist Statement

Created with watercolor, ink, and genuine 23K gold leaf. This piece was painted in the early spring of 2022, as a love letter to the mountains and wild places that kept me sane and safe during the pandemic. It is also a hopeful wish that through this world-changing experience, we might return in some ways to our wild nature. There were many threads of thought behind this piece, including the re-introduction of wolves into Colorado that we can anticipate in 2023, and one of my favorite books, “Women Who Run with the Wolves”, that is about the loss and reclamation of the Wild Woman archetype.

This piece is meant to embody the reclamation of our wild soul, while honoring the journey – the phases and liminal spaces we travel though, as we constantly seek to re-find ourselves and our place in the world.