Ethereal Acorns

My name is Martha Loomis and I am the creator of Ethereal Acorns. I grew up in small town in Northern Michigan, where I spent a lot of my days hiking and collecting stones. I’ve always been in love with art as well as nature. I attended school at Kendall College of Art and Design with aspirations to share my art with others. I never thought I would end up making jewelry. My first acorn pendant meant so much to me and ultimately, I gifted to another. I realized that was the kind of art I wanted to share. Ethereal Acorns naturally fell into place after that.

100% Handmade

What makes ethereal acorns so special is that each and every piece is completely handmade from organic and recycled materials. The process begins with collecting caps. Each acorn in found in nature and later preserved in the making process. The stones are hand selected, then carefully fit into the right sized cap and dipped in a protective coat. I truly feel a connection to every acorn I make. I love the process of collecting the acorns and learning more about stones and crystals. This isn’t normal jewelry, but jewelry that tells a story of where it came from and the process of how it was made. Each acorn is a reminder of how beautiful nature is, even in the smallest way.

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