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“Wonderland” Giclee Print


Unfortunately my giclee printer has gone out of business. Online orders are temporarily on hold while I nail down a new giclee printer, but I have a small inventory on hand. If you are interested in purchasing one of these prints, please email me at and I will check to see if one of my retailers has it in stock. Thank you for your understanding. -MFK

Print has an additional 2″ white border around it that is not included in the print dimensions. For example, the 12″ x 16.5″ print is a 16″ x 20.5″ with the border.


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Artist Statement

The original painting for this print was created using watercolor and ink, and was inspired by my own spiritual awakening. I wanted to capture that sense of being a part of the divine whole, a vibration that can be reached when we open our higher-mind and commune with nature.

The vibrant palette and oversized elements illustrate the magic and sense of wonder we feel at the world when we are able to step outside of our incarnated form. These experiences bring the quiet stillness of the world into our own inner space, and allow us to feel and express gratitude for this human experience. The bright colors of the mushrooms are reflected in a surreal night sky, a reminder that all above is reflected below.

Much of my artwork features vibrant nightscapes. A reflection of my own spiritual journey, these expressive starry skies and colorful palettes explore the beauty we find when we venture into the dark and unknown, and the treasures unearthed when we are willing to know and embrace our shadow.

About Giclee

Giclee signifies the highest quality print available, and is known for unparalleled detail in reproducing original artwork. This piece is printed with watercolor pigments on a cotton rag called “Sunset Select Velvet”, which I personally picked for its rich color
rendering and toothy texture, to mirror the feeling of the original painting.

This reproduction is archival (museum quality) and will stay true to its original rendering well beyond the point at which other prints may start to fade. To ensure the longevity of the piece, it should be framed behind glass.

Additional information

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Printed with watercolor pigments on cotton rag