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Third-Eye Mala


108 Amethyst & Labradorite stones, hand-knotted with royal-purple silk. Features an Amethyst druzy crystal pendant.

Comes with a pouch.

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Open Your Third-Eye.
Expand Your Mind.
Stimulate Intuitive Wisdom.

Wear this mala to open your Third-Eye and tap into your intuition. Made with Amethyst and Labradorite, this piece was designed to sooth and enlighten. Amethyst is regarded as one of the more powerful healing crystals. With strong cleansing properties and a high spiritual vibration, it transmutes negativity into love and eases anxiety. It has long been used as a space clearing tool for its ability to block geopathic stress and infuse an area with serenity. It opens the Third-Eye, clears the mind, and aids in achieving enlightenment. This stone can help you overcome addiction and balance indulgence by detaching you from unwanted thought forms, mental constructs, and entities. It is believed to balance the endocrine system and hormone production. 

Labradorite is an exceptionally powerful shamanic stone that works on your upper chakras to open spiritual pathways into the etheric realm. This stone facilitates metaphysical working and prepares the physical body for spiritual expansion. It connects you to your higher-self and helps align you with your spirit’s purpose. Wear this mala to shield you from psychic attacks/vampirization and energy leakage. Labradorite stimulates your intuitive wisdom, and clears away past-life fears.

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Extremely High

Primary Chakras

Third-Eye, Stellar Gateway & beyond

Other Chakras

Cleanses, aligns & protects all chakras, Heart, Crown


Amethyst, Labradorite

Bead Size

6mm Round, 8mm Faceted

Point / Pendant



Hand-knotted with a dark royal-purple silk.


15.25" beads only, 16.75" to end of pendant