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Stabilizing Mala


108 Jasper stones, hand-knotted with dusty-rose colored silk. Features a Carnelian crystal point with an Amethyst chip.

Comes with a pouch.

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Ground, Unify, & Energize.
Support & Focus Your Kundalini.
Clear Attachments.

Wear this mala to ground and stabilize your body. Made with Jasper, Moss Agate, and Carnelian, this piece was designed to unify the different aspects of your life and impart a sense of wholeness. Both Jasper and Carnelian are stones of courage and action that energize the physical body and aid in mental focus. They also stimulate healthy sexual energy, creativity, and support kundalini. 

Jasper, in particular, aligns and boosts energy, bringing determination to all pursuits. This stone works on all lower chakras. A wise and nurturing stone, it clears delusions, entity attachments, and nightmares. It is believed to heal ailments in the stomach, lungs, and chest. Carnelian attracts abundance and is believed to balance blood and blood-rich organs. It is very useful for those struggling with depression, creative blocks.

Moss Agate attracts prosperity and abundance in all forms. All agates are powerful transformation stones, with the ability to transmute and cleanse toxic emotions, such as jealously, bitterness, and resentment. They are believed to help cleanse the lymphatic system. Moss Agate is additionally stabilizing with a powerful connection to nature, emanating a strong earthy vibration.

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Primary Chakras

Earth, Base, Sacral

Other Chakras

Aligns all chakras, Solar Plexus


Jasper, Moss Agate

Bead Size

6mm Round, 8mm Round

Point / Pendant

Carnelian and Amethyst


Hand-knotted with a dusty-rose colored silk.