Serene Wisdom Mala


108 Jade, Labradorite & Pyrite stones, hand-knotted with grey silk. Features a brilliant green Chrysoprase crystal point.

Comes with a pouch.

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Tune-In to a Higher Frequency.
Access Wisdom.
Facilitate Spiritual Expansion.

Wear this mala to align and recalibrate your physical and spiritual body to a higher frequency. Made with Burmese Jade, Labradorite, Chrysoprase, and Pyrite, this mala was designed to make you feel at ease incarnation, and prepare you for spiritual expansion.

.Jade is a legendary gemstone of wisdom and tranquility, revered by the Chinese and Aztecs. It was believed to be a stone of great virtue, genuine happiness, and to hold power over the natural elements with the ability to summon the weather. Carry Jade with you to purify your soul, and sooth you while incarnation. It balances and calms the nervous system and promotes serenity. Jade aids in slow steady progress, and to direct your passion constructively to bring your dreams into reality. 

Labradorite is an exceptionally powerful shamanic stone that works on your upper chakras to open spiritual pathways into the etheric realm. This stone facilitates metaphysical working and prepares the physical body for spiritual expansion. It connects you to your higher-self and helps align you with your spirit’s purpose. Wear this mala to shield you from psychic attacks/vampirization and energy leakage. Labradorite stimulates your intuitive wisdom, and clears away past-life fears. 

Chrysoprase stimulates the heart chakra promoting hope, forgiveness, and compassion. It aids in achieving deep meditative states. This stone calms the ego and promotes an openness to new situations. It helps to overcome impulsive/compulsive behavior and balance mental illness.

Pyrite, intentionally placed at the base of the throat, is both a protection stone, and acts as an amplifier for the other gemstones.

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Earthy, yet extremely high

Primary Chakras

Heart, Third-Eye, Stellar Gateway & beyond

Other Chakras

Cleanses, purifies & aligns all chakras, Throat, Soma


Chrysoprase, Jade, Labradorite, Pyrite

Bead Size

6mm Round, 9mm Round

Point / Pendant



Hand-knotted with grey silk.


14.75" beads only, 16.75" to end of crystal point