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Sea to Moon Mala


108 Lapiz Lazuli, Bloodstone, Tigers Eye, and Blue Sponge Coral stones, hand-knotted with brown silk. Features a deep blue Lapis Lazuli crystal point.

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Feel a sense of grounded well-being and connectedness.

Made with Lapis Lazuli, Blue Sponge Coral, Tigers Eye and Bloodstone, this piece was designed to facilitate connectedness to your higher-self, while feeling grounded in the vitality of your body. 

Bloodstone is one of my personal favorites. It’s actually one of the earliest known healing stones, appearing in a 5 thousand year old Mesopotamian recipe for purifying the blood. It cleanses and realigns all lower chakras, and purifies and strengthens the blood and kidneys. Use bloodstone to stimulate your immune system and ward off sickness. It is believed to heal wounds, likely for it’s coagulant effect, which comes from it’s high iron oxide content. 

Tiger’s Eye is a stone of courage and action that energizes the physical body and aids in mental focus. It is a stone of abundance and health that encourages Right action and proper use of power. When placed over your lower chakras it stimulates the rise of kundalini. Carry this mala to promote creative compromise and to develop your personal will in a grounded way. This stone is believed to hold the energy of the sun, and to ease seasonal affective disorder. 

Blue Sponge Coral is a protection stone that offers the powerful calming properties of the sea. It soothes turbulent emotions, and quiets fear and anger, reminding you to breathe deeply, and feel your connection to all things around you. Like standing before the vastness of the ocean, it puts things in perspective. Wear Blue Sponge Coral to stimulate your Third-Eye and throat chakra. 

To Egyptians, Lapis Lazuli represented the night sky and symbolized cosmic correspondence. It’s characteristic gold flecks come from iron pyrites, giving this stone a high conductivity that is said to channel pureness of being, and increase sensitivity to higher vibrations. Meditate with Lapis Lazuli to stone to activate your Third-Eye, balance your throat chakra, and reveal inner truth. It’s high copper content makes this stone useful for pain management, detox, and low blood pressure.

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Earthy, yet high

Primary Chakras

Works on all blood-rich-organs, Stabilizes & cleanses all chakras

Other Chakras

Strengthens Immune System


Bloodstone, Blue Sponge Coral, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger's Eye

Bead Size

6mm Round

Point / Pendant

Lapis Lazuli


Hand-knotted with light-brown silk.