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Good Fortune Mala


108 Turquoise, Crazy Lace Agate & Amazonite stones, hand-knotted with terracotta-brown silk. Bound with a Chalcedony stone and a handmade tassel. Comes with a pouch and protective sleeve to smooth and straighten the tassel.

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Break Negative Past-Life Patterns.
Attract Luck & Happiness.
Manifest Abundance.

Wear this mala to attract good fortune and release past-life karma. Made with Turquoise, Crazy Lace Agate, Amazonite, and Chalcedony, this piece was designed to clear out old energy in a manageable way, and to help you move forward with optimism and stability. Both Turquoise and Amazonite are stones of abundance, attracting wealth, facilitating gratitude for your current state of being, and uplifting depression caused by circumstances.

A sacred stone to the Azetcs and Native peoples of the Americas, Turquoise has long been regarded as a powerful protection stone that blocks the evil eye and deflects any harm directed at the wearer. Meditate with this stone to explore past lives and develop self awareness. Working with Turquoise can help you to break behavioral patterns of self-victimization/sabotage, and release inhibitions that keep you from fully expressing yourself. Give this stone to someone you love to bring them good luck and happiness.

Amazonite and Chalcedony, are nerve calmers, which bring balance to the spiritual expansion that Turquoise can create. Amazonite, in particular, is a very complimentary stone to turquoise. It too, dispels negative energy, and is particularly useful for soothing emotional trauma. It balances masculine and feminine energy, and opens your mind to different perspectives. Amazonite also has the wonderful ability to clear blockages from the nervous system, and protect you from the health hazards of microwaves and other electromagnetic smog.

Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that brings harmony to the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It transmutes melancholy into joy soothes hostility. It is believed to aid those affected by dementia and senility, and to increase physical energy. Along with Agate, Chalcedony gives this mala a strong cleansing ability, to clear out the energetic releases facilitated by the Turquoise, and prevent any “sticky energy” from latching on. Agate works with the Turquoise to transmute and cleanse toxic emotions, such as jealously, bitterness, and resentment. It is also believed to help cleanse the lymphatic system. Wear this mala to break negative karmic behavioral-patterns and move forward with good fortune and good will.

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Earthy, yet high

Primary Chakras

Heart, Throat

Other Chakras

Stabilizes & cleanses all chakras


Amazonite, Crazy Lace Agate, Turquoise

Bead Size

6mm Round, 8mm Round, asymmetrical nuggets

Guru Bead



Hand-knotted with a terracotta-brown silk.


Hand-made rayon tassel, bound with cotton floss