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Garden Mala


108 Moss Agate stones, hand-knotted with emerald green silk. Bound with a raw Tree Agate stone and a handmade rayon tassel. Comes with a pouch and protective sleeve to smooth and straighten the tassel.

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Nourish Your Garden.
Attract Prosperity & Friendships.

Wear this mala to nourish your spirit and your garden. Made with Moss Agate to attract prosperity and abundance in all forms, you may find yourself birthing new projects and friendships while wearing this mala. All agates are powerful transformation stones, with the ability to transmute and cleanse toxic emotions, such as jealously, bitterness, and resentment. They are believed to help cleanse the lymphatic system.

Moss Agate is additionally stabilizing with a powerful connection to nature, emanating a strong earthy vibration. It is said to refresh the soul and give you that Bob Ross feeling that “Beauty is Everywhere!”. Keep Moss Agate in your garden to heal your plants, or over your heart to improve confidence and stimulate self-expression.

This stone is particularly useful for anyone working in agriculture or botany. It is also a birthing stone and has been long used by midwives for pain management and to ensure a safe delivery.

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Primary Chakras

Sacral, Heart

Other Chakras

Earth, Base, Throat


Moss Agate

Bead Size

6mm Round

Guru Bead

Tree Agate


Hand-knotted with an emerald green colored silk.


Hand-made rayon tassel, bound with cotton floss


17" beads only, 19.75" with tassel