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Courageous Love Mala


108 Tiger’s Eye, Garnet & Agate stones, hand-knotted with terracotta-brown silk. Bound with a Bodhi seed and a handmade rayon tassel. Comes with a pouch and protective sleeve to smooth and straighten the tassel.

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Open your Heart.
Act with Courage.
Feed Grounded Confidence.

Wear this mala to move through life with courage, and out of a place of love. Made with Garnet, Tiger’s Eye, and Agate, this mala was designed to stimulate your lower chakras and the Third-Eye for right intuitive action. 

Both Tiger’s Eye and Agate are stones of courage and action that energize the physical body and aid in mental focus. Tiger’s Eye is also a stone of abundance and health. It encourages right action and proper use of power. When placed over your lower chakras, it stimulates the rise of kundalini. Carry this mala to promote creative compromise and to develop your personal will in a grounded way. This stone is believed to hold the energy of the sun, as to ease seasonal affective disorder. 

Agate is a powerful transformation stone, with the ability to transmute and cleanse toxic emotions, such as jealously, bitterness, and resentment. Wear Agate to tune into yourself and to attract health, wealth, and longevity. It is also believed to help cleanse the lymphatic system.

A stone of fidelity, Garnet helps you remain faithful to both your lover and your own truth. This stone draws out stale / festering emotions, transmuting pain and resentment into well-being. Wear this mala to heighten awareness of self-sabotage, and for the stamina to persevere through your transformation. 

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Earthy, yet high, Grounding, Stabilizing

Primary Chakras

Sacral, Heart, Third-Eye

Other Chakras



Agate, Garnet, Tiger's Eye

Bead Size

4mm Faceted, 6mm Round, 8mm Round

Guru Bead

Bodhi Seed (Rudraksha Seed)


Hand-knotted with a terracotta-brown silk.


Hand-made rayon tassel, bound with cotton floss