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Calm Seas Mala


108 Persian Gulf Agate, Blue Sponge Coral, and Mother of Pearl stones, hand-knotted with light-blue silk. Bound with a Chalcedony stone and a handmade tassel. Comes with a pouch and protective sleeve to smooth and straighten the tassel.

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Soothe Emotions.
Cleanse your Aura.
Attract Good Fortune.

Made with Mother of Pearl, Persian Gulf Agate, Blue Sponge Coral, and Chalcedony, this piece was designed to calm emotions, clear stagnant energy, and promote optimism. Both Mother of Pearl and Blue Sponge Coral are stones of protection that offer the powerful calming properties of the sea and are believed to attract wealth. 

Mother of Pearl is naturally formed in the inner layer of mollusk shells, and carries with it the stress-relieving calm and gentle healing properties of the ocean. It stimulates creativity, intuition, heightens sensitivity, and enables the wearer to more easily express love. 

Blue Sponge Coral, like mother of pearl, soothes turbulent emotions, and quiets fear and anger. It reminds you to breath deeply, and feel your connection to all things around you. Like standing before the vastness of the ocean, it puts things in perspective. Wear Blue Sponge Coral to stimulate your Third-Eye and throat chakra. 

Agate is a powerful transformation stone, with the ability to transmute and cleanse toxic emotions, such as jealously, bitterness, and resentment. It is believed to help cleanse the lymphatic system. The Persian Gulf Agate is one of the precious varieties of the Agate family, marked with beautifully rich bands of warm earth tones and cool chocolates with hints of blue and mauve. It infuses harmony and peace into the atmosphere, and promotes  positivity by strengthening courage and perseverance. 

Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that dissipates negative energy and bad dreams. It calms hostility and promotes good will. Use Chalcedony to harmonize the mind, spirit, emotional body and to ease self doubt. An energizing stone, it is believed to amplify physical energy and enthusiasm. 

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Calming, Soothing

Primary Chakras

Solar Plexus, Throat

Other Chakras

Stabilizes & cleanses all chakras


Blue Sponge Coral, Mother of Pearl, Persian Gulf Agate

Bead Size

6mm Round

Guru Bead



Hand-knotted with light-blue silk


Hand-made rayon tassel, bound with cotton floss